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Online social media networking is very-in-demand nowadays, mostly businesses or even individual are currently depending on this kind of media approach. Many studies attested that any businesses uses these methods has a huge potential to hit and to promote their product in the market. Every company should have allocated unit to monitor all activities via online to be in-the-loop.

In fact, there are numerous examples of very successful companies that hit a trend that played its course and didn’t proactively evolve or change to meet customers’ needs. The new world of communication and work requires you to engage, connect, give, and share. Get on board or take your involvement on the social platforms to the next level and start using them more. We live work and play online and in person now. Ramp up on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other professional organizations and networking groups: all important and viable options to grow your brand reach and impact. 

Edcar is very keen in line of business and technology to embrace and to promote not only his personal and professional interest, also to express his passions in the new way of life. He believes that the new era players could win the battle using this approach towards success.

He is enthusiastic to establish his all connections through different social online platform such as Google+, Facebook,  Friendster,  MySpace,  UKNY,  WAYN,  Twitter,  Flixster,  Stylehive, Digg, Multiply and many more, for continuous communications to his friends, colleagues and families across the globe.

Edcar is most actively person not only by his profession, also for his personal E-itinerary on his official website courtesy of Freewebs in which you may see the new environment of his website and to know him better.

He also has a open career network too such as LinkedIn, InTheLoop, Spoke,  BrightFuse,  Wapr, Xing, ZoomInfo and Plaxo in which is intent for career matters. In these sites, you may connect yourself through your current and former colleagues and ask professional advices and share information’s in the world of business.

You are free to digging on these sites and see how Edcar build his network and makes busy at his free time. Through these websites and weblogs, you may easily reach him in many way/links above mentioned to be part of his growing community.

He would gladly appreciate your eager to become part of his growing network, with good intentions not for destroying anyone's reputation.

Likewise, this official website will help you to build friendship worldwide online communication across the miles regardless of race, color, religion, etc.

» The Goal & Mission:

The goal of edcartenedero.COM™ is to provide and supply the World Wide Web surfers with complete information’s, knowledge and entertainment that best characterized person of new age technology.    

The edcartenedero.COM™ is a personal website, designed to bring together people in the cyber web through the World Wide Web especially the Filipinos and other nationalities to unveiled in conjunction with the first site ever.    

In this site, surfers can enjoy the vastness of cyber world through the use of computer and the quality of service, which people from walks of life to attune themselves in the challenges of the new age of technology.

» Footnote:

This official website loves to know whose logging-in, so before you leave, please take a moment to sign off to our new guestbook, participate to our latest forum or if you have any queries, suggestions or comments in above contents and photos, kindly send us an email and we will see our best to get back with you.

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